The French Instinct

7. Un postier inopportun - Why it can be risky to talk too much and too fast - Improve your everyday French in Context - B1-C2

May 26, 2020

In this episode, we'll see why it can be risky to talk too much and too fast and how we can avoid some very embarassing situations when speaking. You'll hear a lot of phrases and idioms in context and learn some fun facts about French language an culture.

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An inspiring podcast in French, for intermediate and advanced students, by a native French teacher to improve your French in context, through comprehensible input and speak like natives. 

Un podcast en français pour apprenants intermédiaires avancés, pour apprendre le français en contexte, par une prof de FLE française. Perfectionne ton français de façon intuitive et avec plaisir. 

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